VisionPath’s Launch and Rebranding

Successful organizations and individuals recognize the value of evolving to meet the needs of a changing world. That includes us.

We’re moving forward to provide our clients the best in change management support – helping them move forward.

We are Vision Path Solutions Inc. offering comprehensive services in business transformation, outplacement and career transition, and career, life and workplace coaching.

Our principals, Ted Musgrove and Diane Voth-Stewart, each offer more than 20 years of experience in their respective areas of expertise and are widely acknowledged as industry leaders. They have joined forces to provide integrated specialized solutions to their clients going through change.

Using collaborative and engaging best practices, we help people see change as an opportunity – an opportunity for growth, development, excellence. VisionPath is proud to have served clients from a wide array of backgrounds. With broad expertise in change management, VisionPath is able to successfully adapt proven techniques to fit each organization’s and individual’s needs.

We bring clients the expertise, drive, and commitment necessary to help them achieve new levels of success.

We’re moving forward, so can you!

To find out more about our people and services call us at 604-328-3718.  We would be happy to talk about solutions we can provide for you.


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