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“You have assisted many of our employees from various positions within our organization. I would be pleased to be a reference for your services.”
- HR Manager, financial services company

VisionPath: Our Story - Our History and Business Development

The Principals of VisionPath have served the needs of organizations and individuals for more than 20 years across Canada and have offices in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia.

Acting on a strong belief in collaboration, our Principals, Ted Musgrove and Diane Voth-Stewart, have joined forces to provide a comprehensive service offering to our clients.

Over the years, the Principals of VisionPath have successfully worked with a wide variety of regional, national and international organizations, assisting them to move forward through change and achieve their goals. Having served very large public and private organizations as well as small and mid-size companies, VisionPath is able to help any organization accomplish its desired outcomes.

VisionPath has also assisted individuals - from students to senior-level executives - to re-evaluate their direction and career goals. Our Principals are industry-leaders, having developed programs such as the award-winning government sponsored Transitions Program, where 7,000 people successfully established fulfilling new careers.

VisionPath’s team members believe in life-long learning and keep abreast of the latest in human potential technologies and business management methodologies in order to deliver the most current business and career transformation models available. Consult the biographies of VisionPath’s executive management team to learn more about their individual commitment to life-long learning.

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